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Established in 1999, in Nelspruit (Mbombela), Mpumalanga, South Africa, Phiri and Nyoni Projects is a dynamic Consulting enterprise. It has over the years since establishment entreched itself in the service delivery chain. We have since our formation built relations with communities and our clients to bring about sustainable development and solutions for the betterment of skills development and qualifty service. Phiri and Nyoni has formed synegies with other credible and established enterprises within its scope of services to enhance its delivery capacity.

Phiri and Nyoni Projects are a multi faceted enterprise focussing mainly on Infrastructure, Waste Management and Training. In addition to these three primary focus areas, we offer project management, conceptualisation, planning and design, local economic development, feasability studies, social facilitation, waste management, recycling, architectural services, land reform, data enumeration and small business development (enterpreneurship).

Our Vision is to create and develop human capacity, infrastructural development, and local economic development through effective and sustainable developmental programmes.

The mission of the company incorporates creating an enabling environment with socio-economical development, institutional and environmentally friendly developmental capacity for all communities; and to provide quality customised service and continual customer relationhips and strong and reliable support.

More company information may be found here. For more information on the wide range of services we provide, please visit our services page.


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